JRT Industries has been producing braille and tactile signage for many years, supplying several of the largest signage companies in Australia with their requirements.
Many of the client requirements are for custom signs that must meet the specifications of architects for very big projects. JRT has a reputation for producing these custom signs to comply with both BCA 3.6 (Tactile characters must be raised or embossed to a height of not less than 1mm and not more than 1.5mm) and also AS1428.1-2009.

Basic requirements are that the Tactile text must be left justified, except that one with a single word may be centre justified.  eg:  A Male Toilet sign MUST have the 2 words Male Toilet which must be left justified. A directional sign with just Toilets (& possibly an arrow) is allowed to have the word Toilets centred.

The wheelchair symbol & audio symbol must be white on a blue background.  The First Aid symbol is to be on a green background. (either a green sign or a green square with the cross symbol if the sign background is a different colour).

A wheelchair accessible facility does not require the word accessible or disabled on the tactile description, but must have the word accessible included in the Braille text.

Where there is more than one line of braille, there must be a semi-circular locator at the left of the first line of braille. (Same height as the Braille text)  Where there is a directional arrow on the signface, there must also be a corresponding arrow of braille size proportion at the beginning or end of the line of braille.  Braille must be left justified and located 8mm below the bottom line of tactile characters.

Note:  all JRT braille signs all have solid braille dots that will not press flat

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